Donna M Photography

I can not say when I first knew I wanted to be a photographer but I have always had a camera as long as I can remember. Perhaps my love grew from my Father’s love of taking our pictures.  I was always fascinated by my his camera’s. I remember the one he had with the cubed flashes that would melt when they were used. and the accordion style camera he had, always taking our pictures at every family gathering.  

Polaroids fascinated me, watching the clock as we’d wait patiently to rip away the paper to expose the captured moment on film taken only moments before.

I would always look longingly at the camera bodies in the catalogs or store cabinets and wish I could afford such a luxury and asked my father for one may times. 

It turned out to be my Step Father who purchased a camera for himself a Canon AE 35 mm with telephoto lens that gave me my first real opportunity to dabble in the world of 35mm film.  Seeing my enthusiasm, He allowed me to capture images of my 4 beautiful girls.  I loved that camera and wish I had known even a little bit how to use it to it’s fullest potential.  I never left program mode but I have to say it took beautiful shots.
Now I have immersed myself in the world of Digital photography and my passion only grows each year more with every photo I take.  My goal is to take the Best Photo of my clients that they have every had.  Capturing the light within where their dreams shine.
Looking back I am happy to say I never gave up on my Dream.   Specializing in Newborn, Wedding, and Lifestyle Portraits. I Strive to Capture the Pivotal Moments in my clients lives and Create Masterpiece Memories that last forever.  Contact me to schedule your personal session today!

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